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Men's Scott Polo T-Shirt

Created by Ravik Foundation



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Look professional with our Men’s Polo T-shirts.

Achieve a polished and professional look effortlessly with our Ravik Foundation Men’s Polo T-shirt. Designed with top-notch, bio-washed organic cotton, these polos exude class and individuality. Created from a premium 270 gsm fabric with short sleeves, shaped seams, and side slits, these T-shirts offer a perfect blend of comfort and style.

The anti-piling, anti-static fabric and 100% high-quality bio-washed organic cotton mix ensure vibrant colors that last all day and a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance. Crafted with combed yarn to prevent shrinkage, our Men’s Polo T-shirts provide a simple yet impactful canvas to proudly showcase your identity.



  • Regular fit with 3 high gloss solid buttons
  • 100% bio-washed organic cotton
  • Anti-piling & anti-static soft fabric
  • Wrinkle free
  • Soft fashion knit collar, ribbed double-needle cross stitch for sleeves and bottom hem
  • T-shirt tolerance level for chest circumference & body length is ± 5%
  • Made with color-fast ink and can withstand normal wash cycles.

Material Stock Options:

  • Colour - White
  • Premium Stock: 270 GSM material
  • The premium stock comes with soft lining inside collar, premium rib on sleeves and side slits for better comfort.

Step out in style with the exclusive Ravik Foundation T-Shirt. It's not just a cool addition to your wardrobe but also a way to support the foundation's mission of educating underprivileged girls. Wear your support and make a difference!

  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Style: Unisex, Regular Fit
  • Care: Machine wash with cold water, tumble dry low
    • 100% bio-washed organic cotton
    • 270 gsm material
    • Anti-piling & anti-static soft fabric
    • Wrinkle free
    • Customization Technology: Embroidery

Ravik Foundation, a philanthropic organization, is dedicated to serving diverse social causes. Since November 24th, 2023, all rights are reserved by RVIK Foundation, emphasizing its commitment to supporting education, healthcare, social welfare, and charitable initiatives. This foundation stands as a beacon of positive change, fostering impactful projects and striving to address various humanitarian issues. Ravik Foundation engages in several impactful activities aimed at promoting positive change: Healthcare Support: Facilitating medical treatments, organ transplants, and providing financial assistance for those in need. Educational Initiatives: Offering educational support, scholarships, and access to learning resources for underprivileged children. Community Development: Implementing projects to uplift communities, improve infrastructure, and provide essential amenities. Fundraising Campaigns: Conducting fundraisers and charity events to gather support for various social causes. Food Programs: Running initiatives like community kitchens and meal distributions for the needy. Donation Drives: Encouraging and managing donations for various causes and supporting humanitarian efforts. Advocacy and Awareness: Raising awareness about societal issues and advocating for policy changes to drive social progress. Crisis Intervention: Offering immediate aid and support during emergencies or natural disasters.

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